How do I earn money at Freaky Tiki Luaus?
There are several ways to earn money with Freaky Tiki Luaus.
Surf the Promos and each TE and everyone who completes earns money, from the Prize Pool Split to the !st and 2nd place and 3rd Cash Prize
Promote and receive .25 for every referral that participates in our promos.
At the end of each month the Top 2 Referrers gets another $1.00 in their account.

I am a Traffic Exchange Owner...why do I promote?
You as a owner are in the perfect position to promote and earn referral cash every month.
The Top 2 Referrers each month earn an additional $1. on top of .25 for each referral.
Earn start and Log in pages on several promos.
The more members you refer the more members we get, the more promos are going and the more new members will be on your promos.

How do I receive my commissions?
When you have earned $20 send in support verifying the email we send it to we can send you an instant Amazon Gift card with no fees taken out!

Is it important to promote Freaky Tiki Luaus?
YES! For several reasons:
  • You earn money for each referral put in your account each month.
  • The Top 2 Referrers earn another $1 each month.
  • The more people that join, the more the advertisers are willing to pay for promotions
  • Everyone Wins!!

Can I create multiple accounts at Freaky Tiki Luaus?
No, you can create only 1 Freaky Tiki Luau account and only YOU can use it.
Also only 1 account is allowed by IP.
If you are caught with more than 1 account, you will be suspended and lose any winnings you have accumulated.